With our strong commitment to recycling and with our own on-site recycling facility, you can rest assured that all your recyclable waste is reprocessed efficiently and quickly to help reduce the strain on the UK's landfill sites.

We are currently recycling in excess of 80% of incoming waste and diverting it from landfill for reprocessing or recycling.


Recycling West Lothian
Recycling Plant West Lothian


The amount of waste Britain produces continues to increase year on year. Over recent years key environmental legislation has placed the onus of responsibility upon you the waste producer consequently, it is now your responsibility to identify your waste and determine in what way it should be handled and treated or when possible recycled.


Typically in the past waste recycling has been associated with paper glass and metals, however, with recent changes in regulations it now makes commercial sense to reduce and recycle all forms of waste.



What happens to my sorted waste?

Your old kitchen bricks, along with any concrete, can be crushed and used as secondary aggregate to build roads and go to construction sites, thus reducing the pressure to use virgin materials. 


That old wooden window frame will be shredded and used to make chipboard.


The metal will be fragmented and melted down to form new sheet steel for manufacturing.


Screened soils go to civil engineering and landscaping.


The cardboard rubbish is baled and sent back to the paper mill to be reborn.


The electrical cable is stripped for its copper content.


So every ounce of waste has a purpose and a place!





"Thanks every so much Stuart for organising the skip hire for me after the mess that was left. I will recommend your service if I hear of anyone needing a skip."

Emma Holden (Bathgate)



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